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“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.” – Marie Kondo

  • Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of having to organize your home all by yourself?
  • Have you recently moved but are still living out of boxes?
  • Would being able to easily find what you need give you peace of mind?
  • Does the sight of clutter stress you out?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, let us help you get your space in order!


Professional organizing includes conducting an assessment with private or corporate clients to determine what areas of the home or office need to be decluttered and reorganized in order to unburden the client from the chaos and facilitate a more efficient and pleasant experience as they interact with their home, office, and possessions.

Reducing possessions is the key to creating and sustaining a clutter-free home or office.

Kidden Prep representatives will work side-by-side with the client to help the client make decisions about what to discard, donate, or retain, and then execute those decisions.  We will then help the client to set up systems to organize the remaining items in a way that makes the most logical sense for the client’s lifestyle and priorities.  We will help the client to select any organizing products they may need, looking first among their existing belongings, and if necessary or desired, we will assist them in identifying items for purchase.  

Professional organizing services are available for purchase by the hour or in pre-paid discounted packages of 3 or more hours, preceded by an assessment which will produce an estimate of the total time needed.  Tackling clutter and disorganization that has accumulated over time requires an investment to transform the environment; however, Kidden Prep representatives will work efficiently to minimize time and cost for the client.

Not sure if you could benefit from the services of a professional organizer?  Browse our Customer Profiles for ideas.


From Josanne Reaves, Executive Director of Leadership Rochester:

“The demands of running a program like Leadership Rochester are significant and I found over time, my office became the depository for every paper, marker, notebook, marbles etc!!  Kidden Prep to the rescue!! They analyzed my work flow and office needs and within 3 hours my office was transformed into an efficient, usable space and we were able to donate boxes of supplies to local schools.”

From a residential client:

“The ladies from Kidden Prep came to my home and within 2 and 1/2 hours had my living room, basement, and basement closet organized and “de-cluttered”; something I could have never done by myself. I have a 4 year-old son and the living room had been lined with baskets of his toys and games in front of the curio cabinet and bookshelf; it was unsightly, messy, and hard to find his toys. The basement was similar: the shelves in his play area were loaded with toys in a random manner. The basement closet had many items that I had been carrying around with me from home to home that I had not looked at in years, which Stephanie thoughtfully helped me decide which items I would either donate, throw away, or save.  For someone who holds sentimental value to many things, this was a difficult process for me. Stephanie was sensitive to this and assisted without judgment, helping me to lighten my load to the tune of 5 bags for donation and 3 to the curb!  Danielle moved a shelf from the basement to the living room to make better use of the space, removing the toys from the floor, opening up the space again for an actual living room as opposed to a floor full of baskets. The living room and basement are much neater since the ladies of Kidden Prep left my home and my anxiety has decreased about keeping it neat because with the changes made, it is so much simpler to maintain. I highly recommend their services and every time I walk downstairs to the living room, I am thankful that they came!”