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Leadership consulting and training services include, for example, the establishment of a program for current or emerging leaders in an organization, the facilitation of a workshop or retreat for a department or group within an organization, or helping leadership teams to assess and determine organizational development needs and priorities.  Kidden Prep specializes in customized leadership development training that emphasizes accountability and other fundamental leadership behaviors such as self-awareness and reflection, time management, and giving and receiving feedback.

Stephanie Reh of Kidden Prep is certified by Matrix Insights, which offers a number of lenses through which leaders (formal, informal, emerging) receive microlearning insights that reinforce high-performing interpersonal behaviors. Pairing the Matrix Insights platform with Kidden Prep’s customized Leadership Development Program results in a robust, sustainable learning experience.

The following is an example curriculum for a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, which can be can be revised in terms of content, frequency, length, order of sessions, etc., according to the specific needs of the client organization.

  1. Opening Session – Set expectations and learning goals, introduce curriculum, and get leaders ready for and excited about development. Self-assessments are administered during this session.
  2. Leading Change – Analyze need for change; identify and remove barriers. Support people as they navigate the change process.
  3. Accountability – Anchored by the self-reflection challenge, “What am I doing or not doing that is preventing or delaying my personal or professional success?”, explore the endless opportunities to be part of the solution and help others do the same. While one session is devoted exclusively to accountability, every session will include reinforcement of this most fundamental leadership value.
  4. Time Management – Focus most on what is important but not urgent (i.e. quality and personal leadership), delegate thoughtfully and effectively to empower others, execute efficiently, and monitor progress regularly to ensure deadlines are met.
  5. Performance Feedback – Evaluate key behaviors that contribute to performance and learn how to describe these behaviors in a way that will reinforce them (if productive) or change them (if counterproductive). Preparing mindset and approach to both give and receive feedback reduces friction and maximizes understanding.
  6. Situational Leadership – Demonstrate emotional intelligence via a keen perception and interpretation of emotions (self & others). Determine the maturity level and needs of others; adjust leadership style according to these factors and to the job/task at hand.
  7. Developing – Create succession and individual development plans that will quickly prepare the organization and its leaders for new opportunities. Understand, embrace, and apply coaching role to strengthen trust and accelerate professional growth.
  8. Closing Session – Self-assessments will be re-administered, to show progress since the beginning of the program. Leaders will share how they have grown personally and professionally throughout the program, and make a plan to sustain and enhance their development after the program concludes.


Kidden Prep was founded by two sisters whose aim is to help others to Transform Your Life: From Clutter to Clarity.  This statement links the two major business segments of leadership consulting and professional organizing, and demonstrates the power of eliminating the unnecessary distraction of mental and physical clutter.  From a leadership training perspective, this philosophy translates into practical, bottom-line concepts that can be learned and applied quickly – thus saving time and money, and accelerating development.

All modules in the leadership development program are delivered onsite by the same instructor, Stephanie Reh, allowing for learning to be progressive and for participants to realize the benefit of an integrated curriculum.  A self-proclaimed “Accountability Evangelist”, Stephanie will challenge learners to be actively engaged, to commit to developing themselves so they can have the skills and credibility to develop others, and to own their contribution to their circumstances as leaders.

Stephanie Reh (see bio on About Us page) is not only a consultant but also an executive and active practitioner of leadership and human resources.  The tools and examples she will share with participants reflect her many years of experience in various industries, as well as her education in Psychology and Strategic Leadership.

Each module reflects proven concepts authored by reputable experts in leadership and related arenas.  Multiple concepts are presented in each module so that learners can sample several ideas rather than focus only in one area.  This allows participants to choose the concept that is most aligned with their personal style, making the learning more sustainable.  Participants can revisit the concepts at any time, for support and confidence as their style evolves.